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Can you use estate planning to name a guardian for your child?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Estate Planning

No parent likes the thought that they may one day not be around for their young children. Unfortunately, an illness or accident could cut your life short and leave your kids without your love and protection.

The good news is you can take steps to ensure your children receive plenty of care and support after your death through estate planning. It can allow you to designate a guardian for your kids in case you must leave them while they are young. Below are some tips that may help.

Choose carefully

Sometimes, the best guardian for a child is someone you would not ordinarily consider. You may believe it should be your sister or dad, but what if they cannot assume the role adequately? Choose someone who has love to give your child, but also make sure they are able and willing to serve as guardian.

Consider finances

As you know, raising children comes with many expenses, some quite considerable. Even if your candidate can provide for your kids, you can make sure by addressing economic issues in your estate plan. For example, you can create a trust to help the guardian meet the financial challenges of caring for your children.

Revisit regularly

Knowing you have planned for your kids in the event of your death offers peace of mind. However, you should review your arrangements regularly to ensure they function as intended. If your guardian should die unexpectedly or your child’s medical needs change, you may need to update your plans.

Guidance from someone familiar with Florida child guardianship laws and estate planning can help you create a plan that ensures your kids are always safe and loved.