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Thorough Assistance To Make Your Wishes Known Through Estate Planning

Your home, business and properties represent your hard work and dedication. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your property will make it into the hands you wish while protecting your loved ones and business partners.

At De Paz Law, in Lutz, our lawyers dedicate their entire practice to trust and estate law. We help individuals develop estate plans to name who will inherit their assets and handle their business, leave instructions to pay their taxes or debts, name guardians for minor children or adults who require such legal representation and more.

Helping You Through Decision-Making To Build Your Plan

If an individual dies or becomes incapacitated and unable to handle their finances and affairs without a valid estate plan, a court will decide on their behalf in a time-consuming and costly process. However, through a properly defined estate plan, you can express your wishes and transfer your property to your family while obtaining tax benefits and strategies for wealth preservation.

Some of the legal documents included in an estate plan are:

  • Wills – A document that becomes valid upon the testator’s passing.
  • Trusts – A legal tool that allows the trustor to do many things such as transferring assets before the trustor’s death and avoiding probate.
  • Power of attorney – According to the type of power of attorney, you authorize someone to make decisions or sign documents to handle your finances and business, among other assets, on your behalf.
  • Advance directives – This refers to the documents you can use to set up an end-of-life plan, including your medical treatment preferences.

As we discuss your needs, we will also review the pros and cons of each document and potential scenarios to empower your decision-making. In addition, our Florida attorneys also assist those who require a legal representative due to a lack of legal capacity to administer their assets or address their legal affairs. In such cases, an individual may require a court-appointed guardian. We can help you with the required process and review different paths to address your guardianship needs.

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