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Customized And Skilled Legal Guidance To Protect Your Loved Ones And Your Assets

It is never too early to prepare for the future, but sadly it might be too late. Drafting an estate plan is one of the critical actions to protect your assets and loved ones after your passing or in the event of your incapacitation. Talking about the future could seem challenging, but you can have those conversations with an experienced attorney who will strive to craft the right plan for you.

We, the lawyers at De Paz Law, have the knowledge, skills and dedication to help you protect what you care about the most. We are a small law firm devoted to assisting our clients throughout the entire life span of the estate planning process. One of our priorities is to provide personalized service and solutions to meet our clients’ expectations and wishes.

Florida estate laws are complex, and the system may bring many challenges. As your attorneys, we also become your financial planners and insurance consultants, and we are highly knowledgeable of real estate laws. We are passionate about helping our clients protect their businesses, homes and legacy. The legal community has recognized this dedication to our job through the inclusion of our attorney Daniel de Paz to the Florida Super Lawyers list for three years in a row.

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Helping You Plan And Act Today To Protect What You Care About The Most

We focus on providing actionable legal solutions to save you and your loved ones time, effort and stress. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Advisory in drafting and choosing the legal documents to be part of your estate plan
  • Personalized assistance for beneficiaries and guidance for estate administration through the probate process

Either in person or in a virtual consultation, we will take the time to understand your expectations, discuss your options and draft a solid estate plan. Our lawyers are also ready to represent you through the process following your loved one’s incapacitation or death.

Each of our clients has 24/7 access to a portal to review the progress of their case and relevant documentation. Plus, we remain available to address their concerns and questions. Our efforts to customize our services to your needs even extend to our fees. We can offer flexible payment plans in some probate cases.

De Paz Law Mission Statement

At De Paz Law, our commitment is to provide families in Florida with affordable and streamlined solutions for their probate and estate planning needs. Recognizing the complexities that such matters can entail, we are dedicated to offering a welcoming and supportive environment with customizable solutions to your probate, guardianship and estate planning needs.

We understand the significance of your time and emotional well-being, which is why we prioritize efficiency and empathy throughout our services. With a firm grasp of Florida’s probate and estates legal landscape, our adept team ensures accurate and timely handling of your requirements.

Central to our mission is safeguarding your family’s future. Beyond the legal aspect, we acknowledge the importance of preserving legacies. At De Paz Law, we extend a familial approach, ensuring you receive personalized assistance on this journey of securing your loved ones’ well-being.

We Understand Your Priorities And Concerns

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