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The procedures and processes that you as a mourner have to go through after losing a loved one might be complex and intimidating. You and your loved ones may need to make decisions in confusing and emotional moments. What is more, you may suspect or find out that your love one’s estate plan does not honor their true wishes.

We understand the challenging times you are going through. At De Paz Law, in Lutz, we provide compassionate and zealous legal guidance and representation through all the processes after the passing of a family member. Our attorneys are ready to explain what you can expect from the probate process and guide you from start to finish. We also assist beneficiaries and interested parties through estate litigation.

An Assertive And Knowledgeable Voice To Protect Your Best Interests

Individuals may need to go to probate court after the passing of a loved one to transfer the legal title to beneficiaries of the deceased’s assets and notify the interested parties, thus starting the probate process. The lawyer you choose can make a difference regarding handling such a vital part that may define your future financial welfare and stability.

However, if you believe or suspect your loved one could have been a victim of undue influence, among other actions, you need experienced and reliable legal assistance. We stand ready to help you with the following:

  • Resolving disputes related to the transfer or distribution of assets in cases where the decedent did not have a valid will
  • Contesting a will if a party was unexpectedly favored or you were disinherited without an apparent reason
  • Investigating any potential fraud or undue influence that could have resulted in the manipulation of a will, trust, powers of attorney and other legal tools
  • Challenging a personal representative or trustee’s fitness to administer the estate or in case of a breach of fiduciary duties

Your legal needs are unique as your family history, which is why we emphasize the importance of providing you with highly personalized legal services. As our client, you have a portal which you can access at any given time to review the status of your situation and relevant documentation. Plus, you can count on our years of experience and client service focused on obtaining the results you need to protect your best interests and rights.

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